Pet alert card, when the unthinkable happens.

Holiday season is upon us and many will be traveling for family gathering and such. If you can take your pets with you that is great but it’s not always the case. As much as we love our pets and want to provide the best care we can, sometime we have to think about an unthinkable. 

It is not unusual to prepare for the unknown. We have insurance to cover car accidents. We have insurance for our home and valuable items at home but what for our pets? If somehow we can’t come home, what do we plan for our pets? Do you know who will look after your pets if you have to be away for some reasons?

Take a few minutes and think about it now so you’re well prepared. Besides that, make it clear that you have a plan for your pet by carrying Pet Alert Card. This information will help people help your pets when you are under an emergency care.

Print this out and fill it with valid contact information then carry with you. So if anything happens, your pets will be in a good hand! 

Download: PNG | PDF 

Free download pet alert card | Krazy For Pets

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