Love me some tags! Red Dingo pet ID tags review

Love me some tags! Red Dingo pet ID tags review

Hey there pet pals! Let's talk about something super exciting - Red Dingo ID tags! 🐾 Remember when we first started carrying them in 2009? They were awesome then, but let me tell you, they've only gotten better since!

Back in the day, Red Dingo offered 24 enamel ID tag designs with 5 to 6 colors. Now? Hold onto your hats, because they've almost doubled their options! But here's the coolest part - despite this huge growth, the quality has stayed tip-top. That's why we at Krazy For Pets are absolutely smitten with these tags, especially the enamel ones!

These tags aren't just good-looking; they're tough cookies too. Made from solid stainless steel, they're built to last. Sure, they might get a bit scratched up from daily adventures, but the text stays clear, and the enamel keeps its vibrant color. If there's one tag you're gonna get for your furry friend, make it a Red Dingo - trust us!

Red Dingo pet ID tags review | Krazy For Pets

Now, let's talk sizes. Whether your pup is pint-sized or super-sized, Red Dingo has you covered. They offer three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small ones are teeny-tiny, just like a quarter but heavier. Perfect for petite pooches!

Medium tags are a bit bigger, great for mid-sized dogs. They can fit up to 5 lines of text, including your pet's name, your phone number, and a short address. And don't worry about white space - it's included!

Large tags are, well, large. They're a bit heavier and might be too big for some medium-sized breeds. But hey, they've got plenty of space for all your info, just be mindful not to overcrowd it for safety reasons.

Size Width
(mm / in)
(gram / oz)
Number of
engravable lines
Spaces on
each line
Small 20 mm/0.8" 7g/0.24oz 3 12
US-quarter coin 24.26 mm/0.955" 5.67g/0.2oz n/a n/a
Medium 30mm/1.2" 16.1g/0.6oz 5 16
Large 38mm/1.5" 24.7g/0.9oz 6 18

And get this - engraving is totally free! Plus, Red Dingo offers a lifetime warranty. How awesome is that? If your tag's text starts to fade, just send 'em some pics, and they'll sort you out.

Red Dingo pet ID tags review | Krazy For Pets

But wait, there's more! These tags aren't just for your furry friends. You can use them for your kids' school bags, backpacks, or even as a keychain or charm. Some folks have even used them for...proposals! Yep, our customers are a creative bunch.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Pet ID Tags section and snag one of these adorable Red Dingo tags for your fur baby today! Also, thanks Kristi S. for allowing us to use your lab's picture. We love seeing our happy customers.

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