Love me some tags! Red Dingo pet ID tags review.

Red Dingo has come a long way since Krazy For Pets started carrying their ID tags in 2009. They only offered 24 options of the enamel ID tags with 5 to 6 different colors at the time. If you look at the options of the ID tags they are offering now, it is more than double of what they used to offer then. With more option you can choose from, their quality has never gone down or been compromised and that is why all of us at Krazy For Pets love their pet ID tags, especially the enamel ID tags.

These ID tags are made beautifully from solid stainless steel which will never rust or corrode.  They are flat on one side which is used for engraving and the other side is filled with colored enamel. At the time of this review, the Red Dingo offer 63 designs and 26 of them are available in 11 color options. All of the enamel ID tags come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

Red Dingo pet ID tags review | Krazy For Pets

A small tag is 20 millimeter or 0.8 inches wide and it weighs 7 grams or 0.24 ounce, just a bit smaller than US-quarter-dollar coin (24.26 millimeter or 0.955 inches in diameter and 5.67 gram or 0.20 oz of weight) in size but heavier in weight. You can add up to 3 lines of text with 12 spaces limit on each line. White spaces are included. In my opinion, the tag looks better with 2 lines of text.

A medium tag is 30 millimeter or 1.2 inches wide and it weighs 16.1 grams or 0.6 ounces. It can hold up to 5 lines of text with 16 spaces limit on each line and yes, white spaces are included. It is big enough to hold a pet name, 2 phone numbers, and a short address.

A large tag is 38 millimeters or 1.5 inches wide and it weighs 24.7 grams or 0.9 ounce which is quite heavy and perhaps too large for medium and small size dogs. It can hold up to 6 lines of text with 18 spaces limit on each line and again white spaces are included. Although you can go crazy with the amount of text can be engraved, I think, it is best not to engrave all of your personal information.

Size width weight Engraved lines Spaces on each line
Small 20 mm/0.8" 7g/0.24oz 3 12
US-quarter coin 24.26 mm/0.955" 5.67g/0.2oz n/a n/a
Medium 30mm/1.2" 16.1g/0.6oz 5 16
Large 38mm/1.5" 24.7g/0.9oz 6 18

It is rare that customers don't want any engraving with their tags. If you're like the majority of our customers, you will be happy to know that engraving or personalization is free. Moreover, if the engraved text is faded of worn out, the Red Dingo offers a lifetime warranty. All you need to do is to send them pictures of both sides of your dog's tags. You can find more information on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Red Dingo pet ID tags review | Krazy For Pets

These Red Dingo tags are versatile. Besides being used as an identification tag, you can make a name tag for your kids and hang the tags on their school bag or backpack. Engrave them with your name and use them as a keychain charm. If you travel a lot you can use these Red Dingo tags as a luggage tag. By the way, I have seen these tags were used to propose a lady! Our customers are very creative. If you have other uses on these tags, I would love to hear! 

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