What would you do with Coco's Canine Cuisine?

We have the winner. Congratulations Brandon T!

Something new is coming to Krazy For Pets and that something is good. Good for you and good for your dog. Coco's Canine Cuisine is a ready-to-cook dog food that offers an ease to make a home cook meal and these are why:

  • your choice of meat so you can avoid meat that doesn't go well with your dog
  • no salmonella, thyroid hormone, Pentobarbital or anything bad that is going on in pet food industry
  • cook it as is with your choice of meat or add more of healthy ingredients to make the food interesting
  • in a bag of Coco's Canine cuisine is filled with human-grade, wholesome, all natural ingredient
  • recommended by veterinarians, loved by dogs 
  • one bag makes 8 cups of food
  • fill with love because you cook it!


What would you do with Coco's Canine Cuisine?

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