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PawZ Disposable Dog Boots, Extra-Large


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Harsh surface and severe weather can harm paw pads and it hurts! Extra-Large PawZ Boots for dogs can protect small and big paws alike. These boots are comfortable and close to natural-feeling because they don't have bulky padding or closures on them. PawZ boots allow full motion. They are soft and stretchable so they go on easily and stay on securely.

  • Extra Large fits 4" or larger paw pads 
  • Green color
  • A package contains 12 boots
  • 100% natural rubber

PawZ boots are made with natural rubber and they are totally biodegradable. They are waterproof, so your dog's paws are use them on a snowy or muddy day. These are also good to protect your dog's paws from hot pavement and harsh surface such as ice melt and de-icer, lawn chemicals, pesticides, liquid chloride and more. Reusable and disposable, PawZ boots offer great value.

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