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Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial

Warren London

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No more tear stains! Warren London Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial cleans tear stains and gooey build up. It brightens the coat around the eyes.
Use this Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial during a bath time to remove tear stains. Or use it between baths for quick refreshing.
  • Cleans, removes and brighten tear stains
  • Luxurious scent

Size: 8 oz.

  • After wetting your dog's face, pump foaming facial into your hand or cloth.
  • Slowly apply the products to the outer ears, face, and neck.  
  • Gently massage into face in a circular motion for up to two minutes.  
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat for best results.
Ingredients: Deionized Water, A Mild Surfactant Blend which is Detergent Free, Cucumber and Melon Extract, Essential Oils

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