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Heather Casual Padded Collar


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A day in a dog's life is like having an adventure. You don't know what might come up. It could be a mud bath or a lazy walk in the backyard. One thing for sure, your dog needs reliable gear. Hurtta - Heather Casual Padded collar helps your dog to be ready for anything!

The collar has a soft Neoprene lining for comfort and stress reduction. It also prevents chafing or digging into the skin. Due to its lightweight, it is suitable for all ages, even a puppy. The ergonomic design of this collar distributes pressure equally around the neck. As a result, it is easy around the neck and throat area.

What we like about this collar

  • Soft padded around the neck
  • Reliable basic collar for everyday use and activities

Special Features

  • 3M Reflectors
  • Adjustable
  • Machine washable


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