Chicken Buckt


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This Chicken Bucket - Zippy Burrow provides an interactive way to have fun with plush toys. It's in a dog's instinct to explore and investigate so we challenge you to put this toy in front of your dog. It's going to be hard...very hard to avoid this toy!

A red bucket is sturdy but soft so it's gentle on your dog face and mouth when trying to retrieve chicken drumsticks. A squeaker in each drumstick keeps your dog attention and enhances the excitement. Also good for basic training such as fetch, retrieve and wait. 

What we like about this dog toy

  • Having fun while motivating your dog to use their instinct
  • Soft burrow which is gentle to your dog nose and mouth

Standard features

  • A round squeaker in each chicken drumstick
  • Comes with 3 squeaking chicken drumsticks
  • Burrow size: 5.5" x 5.5" x 6"
  • Good for fetching and snuggling. Not for chewing.