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Iridescent Pink Sport Harness

Doggy Design

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Neon Sport Choke-Free Harness is a result of overlay pattern from special color blend technique on diamond soft mesh. This Iridescent Pink harness is fun for jogging or walking or any out door activities with your dog.

With Rotation Angle Best Fit feature - wide heavy duty Velcro covers the whole closing area, when apply as directed, these harnesses will fit any chest sizes. There is generous 3” webbing allowance to reinforce Rotation Angle Best Fit. So the harnesses will fit comfortably on your dog. High strength buckle and double D-ring feature provide extra safety and strength.

Best for dog with collapsed trachea or any trachea concerns because the pulling force go to the chest of a dog, not the neck. Because of these feature, Neon Sport Choke Free harnesses are also great for securing your dog in a car with seat belt. If anything happens, no force will be applied at your dog's neck.

Machine wash and line dry

100% Soft Mesh Polyester