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Linen Cotton Bumper Bed

West Paw Design

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When your dog is resting in this bed, you will be a proud owner of an American-made, high quality pet bed. West Paw Design's Bumper bed is hand-crafted by skilled seamsters and seamstresses in Montana who care about your dog and our planet.

The bed is certified safe by Öeko-Tex and eco-friendly. IntelliLoft is West Paw Design's ingenious way of making fibers from recycle plastic. When you buy one of their bed, you help making a better place, especially a landfill.

Linen color is one of many practical colors. It goes will with pretty much anything so you can place this Bumper bed in any corner or space of your home. This Cotton Bumper bed is perfect for dogs who love to cuddling, nesting or dogs who love to rest their head on a pillow.

On a scale of 1 – 5, this Cotton Bumper bed is at level 4 of softness where 5 is very fluffy and 1 is just enough padding.

Recommended size:

Size Pet's Weight
Outer Measurement
(L" x W" x H")
Inner Measurement
(L" x W" x H")
Small upto 20 23" x 20" x 6" 14" x 12"
Medium 21 - 40 31" x 26" x 7" 19" x 16"
Large 41 - 60 36" x 28" x 9" 25" x 17"
X-Large 61 - 80 42" x 34" x 10" 27" x 20"
XX-Large Over 80 48" x 34" x 10" 33" x 24"

Care Instruction

Cover only

  • Machine wash on COLD/COLD.
  • Machine dry on LOW heat.

Entire bed

  • Machine wash on COLD/COLD using GENTLE cycle.
  • Machine dry on LOW heat or AIR DRY.

For details of Bumper bed care, watch Bumper Bed - Washing Tips at West Paw Design site

What is Öko-Tex®?

Öeko-Tex is a third-party company which is specialized in testing every part of this Bumper bed. Starting with thread, zipper, recycled filling and everything of the bed.

The good news is This Bumper bed by West Paw Design is 100% certified safe by Öeko-Tex. So you can be assure that while you pet is at rest, nothing of this bed can harm him.

Just so you know, this same lab also test popular children's clothing and baby carrier manufactures! To know more about Öeka-Tex, visit: https://www.oeko-tex.com/en/manufacturers/certification/certification.html