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Outback Dream ECO Sleeping Bag - Hurtta | Krazy For Pets

Outback Dreamer ECO Sleeping Bag


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A good outdoor adventure requires the right gear! While hiking with your dog sounds fun, you want to make sure that your dog also rests well so that he is up to the challenge. Being outdoors with new sights, sounds, and smells can cause information overload. Allowing him to rest in his natural positions will help him recover from excitement fast. Hurtta Outback Dream ECO Sleeping Bag is designed for that!

The sleeping bag provides a perfect sleeping area that allows your dog to curl or stretch in any way he likes. The shell is made from Houndtex laminated outdoor fabrics which are smooth and soft. Outback Dream protects your dog from damp and cold surroundings. It is water-repellent so no moisture can seep through. The sleeping bag is lined with heat-reflecting foil to maintain body warmth. But the breathable ability allows air circulation so your dog won't feel too hot.

What we like about this mat

  • Encourage natural sleep positions
  • Line with heat-reflecting foil to keep warmth
  • Water-repellent
  • Breathable for comfort

Special Features

  • Reversible style
  • Shell fabrics 100% recycled polyester

Available Size (diameter):

  • Small - 22"
  • Medium - 28"
  • Large - 35"



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