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Piddle Clean

Lola Bean International

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Piddle Clean from Lola Bean International is a potent spot treatment. It is perfect for your carpet and most of the hard surfaces. The most important thing is that Piddle Clean is non-toxic and environmental
Most of the urine treatments use enzyme to remove ammonia odor. But Piddle Clean works by attacking root of the stain to remove odors.
  • completely destroy pet orders
  • safe for human and pets
  • prevent pets from re-marking the same spots.
  • pleasant almond scent
  • Remove dirt or remaining of the accident from the surface.
  • Remove the urine from the spot as much as possible. The best way is to lay sheets of paper towel on top of the spot then apply pressure to absorb urine.
  • Spray Piddle Clean onto the spot until slightly damp. Shake the bottle between each use.
  • Gently blot with towel or paper towel until clean.
  • For stubborn stain or deodorize the spot, spay the sport again and let dry.
**Always test for color fastness by applying in a hidden area. Not recommended on silk or leather.

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