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Red Dingo

Purple Padded Harness

Purple Padded Harness

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Our favorite dog ID tags company made doggy harnesses too! Red Dingo's Purple Padded harness is easy to use. It goes over a dog head, like how we put on a t-shirt. Then snap the buckles on each side. You and your dog will be ready for a stroll in no time!

This soft hardness has padded chest and back areas to create more comfort. The outer layer is made from a heavy-duty polyester while the inner layer is made from premium soft nylon. The liner is tight-knitted webbing to prevent scratch. The harness has reflective trim to enhance visibility.

Bone-shape buckles are the Red Dingo signature which is cute. But actually, they are one of the strongest side-release buckets in the industry. With 2 D-rings, this harness allows you to have more ways to handle your dog. Hook a leash on the back for dogs who champion walking on a loose leash. Use the chest D-ring for those with trachea or neck-pulling concerns. Use both D-rings for hyperactive ones or dogs in training!

What we like about this harness

  • Padded around the chest and back area for comfort
  • Highly adjustable to create snug or loose fits
  • Bone-shape buckles, a signature of the Red Dingo which is fun but strong
  • Machine washable

Special features

  • Heavy-duty polyester outer layer is good for all activity levels.
  • Premium soft nylon webbing for soft and scratch-free feel.
  • Stainless steel D-rings; one on the chest and the other on the back of the harness.
  • Reflective trim
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