Wear the Rainbow!

Exciting colors with comfort

Ombre by American River Choke Free Harnesses offer exciting colors. With special blending technique, these harnesses have beautiful rainbow-like colors. Conforming shape seam helps the harnesses to curve around a dog's chest so these harness will fit like a glove!


Tiny Turtle.

Tiny Turtle, Daisy is great for puppies or toy dog-breeds. Like, the rest of West Paw Design toys, this tiny turtle comes with robust squeaker safely hidden inside the toy.

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Jive dog toy - West Paw Design


Jive is not your typical dog's ball. It is designed to maximize the fun by having unusual round shape. This makes the ball bounce in unpredictable direction.

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Attach this Pickup waste bags holder to your dog's leash so you'll be ready whenever you need to cleanup. The sleeve allows quick slide onto a leash or a big-dog's collar.

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