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Outback Dream ECO Sleeping Bags

A good outdoor adventure requires the right gear! While hiking with your dog sounds fun, you want to make sure that your dog also rests well so that he is up to the challenge. 

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Fleece Sweaters for a stroll

Gooby - Fleece sweaters are great when the temperature is low but not too low. Soft fleece allows your dog to move freely and feel comfortable in it.

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Red Dingo Pet ID Tags

The Red Dingo stainless steel with colored enamel pet ID tags are bold looking tags. The tags come with free engraving so your dog will never get lost with this colorful ID tag.

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Fresh water for you and for me

This OllyBottle comes with attached feeding tray for your dog. This human grade material holds up to 1 liter of water. Large opening for easy filling and washing.

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Third tag we've bought!

We've now purchased three separate tags over the years, and they not only look beautiful, but they last, and last, and last. Don't hesitate to pick one or several of these for your furry buds, you won't be disappointed.

- Charles C.

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Love Red Dingo, Thanks Krazy For Pets

krazy for pets has supplied our pets' tags for a long time. They always have the full red dingo catalog and get them for us cheaper and quickly too. thanks!

- Shyam Y.

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Red Dingo Tags from Krazy For Pets!

I love love love Red Dingo Tags, everyone that I have ordered in the span of 10 years for my pets, my friends pets, and even for myself. They last forever and never loose their quality!

- Monica P.

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Fuzzy Friends Flyer

Do These 5 Things Before Traveling Without Your Dog

Do These 5 Things Before Traveling Without Your Dog

Creating an environment filled with items that your dog is familiar with will help him feel more comfortable while you're gone. Also, leave clear instructions and information on how to care for your dog. Using media such as a dog music playlist to create a calm condition will also help reduce his anxiety. Try these 5 things when you travel without your dog next time for less worry.
Ground Turkey, Eggs & Spinach Dog Food Recipe

Ground Turkey, Eggs & Spinach Dog Food Recipe

Commercial food is such a controversial topic at the moment. Should you feed kibbles, raw or grain free dog food? I don't really have the answer but in my kitchen, whole food is always good. So here is a 5-ingredients dog food recipe for you to try. My dog loves it and I hope that your dog will love it too.
Turkey with Vegetable Dog Food Recipe

Turkey with Vegetable Dog Food Recipe

Nothing beats home-cooked meals! If you're one of those people who think cooking for your dog is hard, take a look at this recipe. Our Turkey with Vegetable Dog Food Recipe only needs 5 ingredients and they are all real food. This easy-to-make recipe is wholesome and full with good fibers and protein for your dog.