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Brands:   Lola Bean International

  • Lola Bean International - Unscented Biodegradable Pick-Up Bags | Krazy For Pets

    Unscented Biodegradable Pick-Up Bags

    Lola Bean International Biodegradable Waste Pick- Up Bags are made with "d2w" technology. It allows plastic becomes biodegradable in open environment. This means you can keep them longer than other biodegradable waste bags. These Pick-Up bags are leak-proof, unscented and compatible to most of the waste bag holders. 8 rolls per package 160 bags total count degrade at a faster rate then leaves compatible with most waste bag holders

  • Lola Bean International - Piddle Clean | Krazy For Pets

    Piddle Clean

    Piddle Clean from Lola Bean International is a potent spot treatment. It is perfect for your carpet and most of the hard surfaces. The most important thing is that Piddle Clean is non-toxic and environmental friendly.   Most of the urine treatments use enzyme to remove ammonia odor. But Piddle Clean works by attacking root of the stain to remove odors. completely destroy pet orders safe for human and pets prevent pets from re-marking the same spots. pleasant almond scent Di...