Get good in and keep those legs running.

Arthritis & joints problems prevention in dogs | Krazy For PetsDogs are like us. When they are getting old, they start having trouble with movements and joint problems. Most of the time, the pain is caused by having Arthritis - a disease of cartilage destruction. Many dogs develop joint problems in their life sooner or later. It could be so mild that we can't event detect it or it could be very noticeable and cause so much pain. As a dog owner, we can promote the better quality of our dog's life by providing quality food and exercise.

As they say "Put Good In, Get Good Out", food plays important role in our dog's life. By managing your dog's diet alone, you can see some positive changes. Always feed quality food. By "quality", it doesn't mean expensive. There are a lots of good food in the market that is affordable. The key is to read the label. Know what is in the bag before giving it to your dog. Surprisingly many major pet food manufacturers advertise their products as quality pet food. Until you read the ingredient list, don't believe any of marketing phrases on the package. To make it easy for you, here are a few online resources that you use as a guideline.

Quality dog food not only provides dietary benefits but also helps with weight management, another cause of joint pains. Good dog food satisfies your dog's needs which leads to eating less. Typical dog food contains filling such as corn or wheat. While these grains are not technically bad but if a dog food has corn or wheat as the main ingredient then you dog won't have enough protein to help maintain those muscles and joints.

There are many dog food options in the market these days: dry/kibble, dehydrate or raw food to choose from. You don't have to stick with only one food type or brand all the time. Introducing new and rotating food can maximize the benefits gained from food. If you love to cook and are interested in cooking for your dog, check out Krazy For Pets's Dog Food & Treats board on Pinterest at You will find some free recipes and ideas there.

Last but not least, exercising regularly will keep the movement going. A daily walking routine can be just enough for dog with Arthritis. Exercise does not need to be hard or vigorous. Pick a level of activity that is suitable for your dog's condition and stick with it. Be creative, fun and safe! For example, if your dog is overweight, swimming will be a better activity to compare with walking.

While it is hard to establish a routine, the quality of your dog life will be increased tremendously once you and your dog achieve it, not to mention the bond created between the two of you during the time. For good information to help you care for your dog, visit Krazy For Pets's Good Info board on Pinterest at You will find lots of creative games and activities to do with your dog.

No one can avoid being old and dogs are no exception. By feeding good food and providing daily exercise, you can slow down the development of Arthritis and prolong the healthy life!


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