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Red Dingo

Turquoise Padded Harness

Turquoise Padded Harness

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Gear up your furry companion for comfortable and stylish walks with the Turquoise Padded Dog Harness by Red Dingo. This harness offers both convenience and canine comfort, making it the perfect accessory for your daily adventures.

Putting on this harness is a breeze – simply slip it over your dog's head, like slipping on a t-shirt, and snap the buckles on each side for a secure fit. No more struggling with complicated straps and clips – with Red Dingo's harness, you and your dog will be ready for your adventure in no time.

Crafted with padded chest and back areas, this harness prioritizes your dog's comfort during wear. The outer layer, made from heavy-duty polyester, ensures durability for dogs of all activity levels, while the premium soft nylon inner layer provides a gentle touch against your furry friend's skin. The tight-knitted webbing liner prevents scratching, ensuring your dog stays comfortable throughout their walk.

Red Dingo's signature bone-shaped buckles add a touch of fun to this harness, but don't be fooled – they are among the strongest side-release buckles in the industry, providing peace of mind knowing your dog is securely fastened. With two D-rings – one on the chest and the other on the back – this harness offers versatility in handling your dog. Attach a leash to the back for dogs who prefer walking on a loose leash, or use the chest D-ring for those with trachea or neck-pulling concerns. For hyperactive pups or dogs in training, utilizing both D-rings provides added control and security.

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